Jul 11, 2013

Life Lessons

Every now, and then I read something written by a parent who describes an important life lesson that children ought to be taught.  Things like teaching children to pick their battles and to lose gracefully.

Perhaps what is needed is a chinuch curriculum for parents.  It would be useful to have a list of Life Lessons, not just traits like honesty and responsibility but things like:

teaching children to pick their battles

teaching children to lose gracefully

teaching children to pay attention to the messages they tell themselves about themselves

teaching children the value of time

teaching children to speak up (politely, when appropriate)

teaching children goal-setting

teaching children the power of thoughts

teaching children that happiness is a choice

teaching children to seek win-win solutions

teaching children that feelings are just feelings and they come and go

teaching children to stand up for what's right

What else?

1 comment:

  1. Teaching children to value people more than things.
    Teaching children to appreciate what they do have in life rather than focus on what they don't have.
    Teaching children to amuse themselves by playing imaginatively rather than having to be entertained.