Jul 15, 2013

Any Apologies in the Torah?

I've asked a number of people whether they can think of examples in Torah-Tanach where someone apologizes to someone else and asks for forgiveness.  I can't think of any and so far, neither has anyone else.

I find it strange because the halacha is that Yom Kippur does not atone for a wrong done bein adam l'chaveiro unless the person asked and was granted forgiveness.  It's a crucial part of teshuva for interpersonal wrongs.  How is it that no example of this appears in Tanach? I thought that the Torah contains role models for all aspects of our behavior. 

Why did I think so? Probably because many Torah lessons are about turning to the sources for examples of what we want to achieve, and the idea of "hafoch ba, hafoch ba, d'kula ba" (everything is contained within Torah).

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