May 15, 2014

Think: How would I react if I was asked this question

Eliezer Krohn tells a story about his brother who was on a transatlantic flight.  You are able to put items in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.  The person sitting behind him had brought along a lot of food which he put under his brother's seat and he asked his brother, "Can you do me a favor and not sleep throughout the flight?'

Why did he ask him this? Because you are not supposed to sleep with food underneath the bed.  Now, this was an 11-12 hour flight! His brother said, "I have a better idea.  How about we keep it under your seat ...."  The person said no, because then it would be hard to reach.

Can we imagine ever saying something comparable to this? We react with incredulity that someone could be so dense and insensitive, but as R' Krohn said, he's sure the person is not a bad person, but sometimes you need sechel and sometimes you are just so focused on yourself that you are oblivious to others. 

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