Feb 22, 2014

The Answers Lie Within

continued from previous post

"Achieving happiness isn't a negotiable option; it is an integral and fundamental part of avodas Hashem."

A young man who had many difficulties to contend with, told R' Heschel that he repeatedly looked for help from mentors, experts and close friends.  Nothing helped.  Then one day, his mentor, a wise and compassionate person, told him, "You must realize that ultimately it all depends on you.  There is no magic wand that I can wave; there are no shortcuts.  You must stop relying solely on others to change your mood and boost your morale.  With siyata dishmaya you will succeed, but you must do your own hishtadlus.  Force yourself to eat properly, make sure to sleep enough, and work on yourself to internalize the fact that Hashem gave you, and you alone, the strength to deal with your personal tests."

At the first the man felt very hurt but once the message sank in, he was very grateful for the advice.  "Those words changed my life," he told R' Heschel.  "I still face many of the same obstacles, but I look at them differently.  I still turn to my mentor for words of chizuk and direction, but for the first time in years my mood is upbeat and optimistic most of the time."

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