May 21, 2013

Missing Information

There was (yet another) sad article in one of the frum magazines, written by a suffering parent.  To quote her, "There are many levels of suffering we have endured as we watched our beautiful, talented, and loving child transform into a raging creature ... I couldn't believe that such a thing could happen to us, to people who had established such a pristine, Torah-filled home.

"We had given our daughter so much love and encouragement ... [she was] nurtured and supported in every way possible... A bright and gifted student, she excelled in school and exuded her talents in many areas.  What would prompt a most cherished child to choose such an alien lifestyle? ... It was inconceivable and incomprehensible.  I raged against the outside forces that had stolen my child ... I watched her spiral downwards ... We watched her morph into a different persona ..."

It's horrible.  But we don't get answers to the question: what happened to change this much loved, blessed girl into a monster? Instead, the rest of the article is about unconditional love, obliterating one's egotistical need for nachas, and about asking for help. 

I find that frustrating and unhelpful.  Is she implying that this is a spiritual battle taking place on a different plane of reality which has nothing to do with the mundane here and now of this world? Is that what she means when refers to "outside" and "evil forces" who enticed her baby from her cozy nest? What really happened to turn a 13 year old girl into a hard, tough personality who verbally assaults those who love her?


  1. Can you tell us which magazine and issue?

  2. An old magazine that I came across. Don't know which issue as I don't have it around anymore.