Mar 28, 2011

Creating Angels

The Gemara (Makkos 10b) says that a person is led on the way he wants to go.  I read an explanation from the Maharsha who says that the person is led by the angels that were created from his actions.  He says, a person's every thought, word, and deed - good or bad - results in the creation of an angel.  Since everything is in the hands of Heaven except yiras shomayim-fear of Heaven, and since the person's desire is to go in a certain way, the angels created from that desire will lead him.  That's quite a thought to keep in mind!

Shortly after reading that, I read a Medrash (Vayikra Rabba) that tells a story about a man who spent so much on his drinking habit that his children were afraid they would be penniless.  When he was drunk, they tied him up and took him out to a cemetery.  They hoped that when he sobered up he would be shocked to find himself in the cemetery and would become aware of the dangers of his heavy drinking.

That day, a caravan carrying wine passed near the cemetery and was attacked.  One of the barrels fell off and landed right next to the drunken man.  When he woke up he was surprised to find the spigot of the barrel right next to his face and he took a drink of wine there in the cemetery.

What a powerful illustration of the principle that a person is led in the way he wants to go! Now if only I remembered that part about creating angels with every thought, word, action!

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