Mar 24, 2011

No Outcry

So Netanyahu will respond "aggressively" to the Jerusalem bombing, hmmm.  He didn't say that after the Fogels were murdered.  At that time, what was his response? It was so unbelievably inane that the lack of any public reaction to it is equally unbelievable.  When 5 members of a family were murdered he said - we will build.  Yup.  Your family members were butchered and our response will be to put up buildings that should be going up regardless of a massacre.  Tamar was brave enough to speak up.  She said (not the exact words): gee, great, and then you'll throw the people out like you did to us in Gush Katif!

Did anyone else have the guts to tell Netanyahu that construction is a lame response to murder?

How come, after the bombing yesterday, he didn't say, "Okay, that's another 500 buildings"? Seems clear that it's because the Fogels' blood is not worth as much to him and the State of Israel as that of the people in Jerusalem.  And there is no outcry.

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