Mar 17, 2011

It's All According to Plan

There was a Gerrer Chassid named R' Leibel Kutner who lived in Bnei Brak.  He had gone through the horrors of the Holocaust and had suffered for many years.  And yet, he always encouraged his friends and relatives.

Once, when some people saw that he was suffering great pain, they asked him how he managed to cope.  He answered with three words, "Ha'kol lefi ha'tochnit" - It's all according to plan.

What gave him the strength to carry on despite his suffering and remain grateful even during hard times was the knowledge that Hashem is in charge, He is kind, and everything happens for the best.

I read this in "Aleinu L'Shabeiach" and was very taken by it.  Although it's nothing new since we are familiar with the idea of "gam zu l'tova" and we believe Hashem firt der velt (runs the world), I like that phrase, "Ha'kol lefi ha'tochnit."  Can we be resentful, annoyed, upset ... if we believe that it's all according to the plan and it's Hashem's plan and it's all great?

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