Mar 15, 2011

A Gantz Yohr Freilich

I read that although of course we are enjoined to be happy and to serve G-d with joy all year, all the time, nevertheless, there is a month and a special day in that month that are devoted to joy.  That month is Adar and the day is Purim.

This made me think - why are Mother's Day and Father's Day disparaged by many, as I'm sure you've all heard at some time or another, for the reason that we don't designate one day a year to honor and give thanks to our parents.  We have the mitzva of Kibud Av V'Eim all year round.

Seems to me that just as we know that "ivdu es Hashem b'simcha" applies all year but there is a month and a day to be especially joyous, we can relate to the idea of singling out a time for parents.  Of course, we have the Torah to guide us and we don't have to acknowledge a secular holiday.  My point is that the reason some give to disparage it is inconsistent with what we ourselves hold about Adar and Purim.

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