Mar 10, 2011

Iron Faith

Mrs. Ada Aidel Zoren was a Holocaust survivor.  She would say that the one thing that gave her strength to go on, even during the most difficult times, was the knowledge that there is a G-d, the one and only Ruler of the world. 

How sad, and ironic, that the very thing that gave this woman the fortitude to carry on is the very same point that is challenged by so many people.  Whether it's "Where was G-d in the Holocaust?" or simply, "How do we know there is a G-d and that He cares about what I do?" Whether the questions come from people who did not have a Jewish education or those who had quite a good one, they are sad questions.

A practical question that educators need to ask is: What kind of chinuch produces people who not only remain strong in their faith, but faith is the one thing that keeps them going?

The Holocaust population is disappearing rapidly.  The war was over 65 years ago.  Many survivors are being interviewed about their story.  The critical question to ask religious survivors is what sort of chinuch did you have? To what do you attribute your iron faith?

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