Apr 2, 2011

Books that Made an Impact

What books have I read that made a significant impact on my life?

I've been thinking about that.  I've read a lot of great books, some of which I've posted about here on the blog, but I'm not talking about a great read.  I'm talking about secular books that shaped my way of thinking.

So far I've come up with:

Medical Heretic by Mendelsohn
7 Habits by Covey
Marva Collins' Way
Dumbing Down Our Kids
Son-Rise by Kaufman
The Magic Feather by Granger
books like Kaufman's Happiness is a Choice
books on the mind-body connection like Bernie Siegel's, Dr. Sarno's, When the Body Says No,  The Brain That Changes Itself
Hold On To Your Kids
books like some of the Chicken Soup Books about making a difference
Self-Talk Solution
Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to your Mental Health by Glasser
books about the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs personality types

I'd like to know yours!

1 comment:

  1. I have to fight with myself continually about materialism and force myself to be organized. I was not blessed with the ability to work quickly and because I grew up poor, I am attracted to material things that I don't need.
    I have some old books that I keep in the bathroom cupboard called the Messies guides, the Tightwad Gazette, and A day in the Life of the Amish. Every now and then, when I don't have a magazine, I read those books. I am not the sit down and read type, except on the computer (I guess I read much more printed material before I had a computer)so I am a bathroom reader.
    All other secular books I get from the library and I don't do that very often. I also tend to take some books with a grain of salt because another expert will write another book with an opposite point of view, so I can't really say that those books leave a lasting impact if I approach them with skepticism to begin with.