Nov 8, 2009

To be a Yiddishe Mama (part 2)

3-Bubby promotes the feminist agenda when she says, “Children are very resilient and so long as their needs are being met and they are loved and safe, they are happy.” Who on earth is she kidding?

Children are resilient, yes, and they will adjust if given no choice, yes, but at what cost to them? I bet Bubby would advocate letting the children cry when abandoned at school because hey, within days or a week or so they’ll get over it. Sure they will, because they have given up on Mommy. How healthy is that? Not!

“So long as their needs are being met” – oh, so the underpaid morah or babysitter really loves the kids in her care like her own? Unlikely!

4-More feminist garbage, “Hired help cannot replace you .. you are and will always be their most important person. However hiring someone who comes highly qualified and who can provide your children with a warm and loving environment is most definitely a desirable option.” Bubby tries to have it both ways, saying that hired help can’t replace Mommy but then saying replacement is a desirable option. Why does Bubby think the mother will remain the most important person to them if they don’t see her for most of their waking hours in their formative years?

5-Bubby tries to entice the mother by saying, hey, you never know, you may like being out of the house. Sounds to me like the nachash talking … Then there’s even more feminist junk when Bubby says that Mommy might discover an outlet she never knew she needed. Bubby uses every means at her disposal to get Mommy out of the house, telling her how accomplished she will feel (really, as though all working people are feeling oh-so-accomplished by the end of the day and wouldn’t give up their jobs if you paid them, yeah right) and playing on Mommy’s emotions when she says how great it will feel to help pay the bills (we have no idea whether Mommy will be earning more than a saleslady or secretary and whether it will cover the babysitter, cleaning help now that she’s not home, and take-out food) and alleviate her husband’s burden.

In fact, according to Bubby, Mommy would be a loser and a creep if she didn’t work even if hubbie didn’t bully her into doing so. What a loser, she doesn’t want the stimulation of working with adults and what a creep for not wanting to help her husband.

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