Nov 18, 2009


What kind of conversations do we have with friends, relatives, acquaintances? Superficial ones with comments about the weather? Mundane shopping talk?

At a class the other day, the speaker urged us to avoid banal conversation and to conduct meaningful conversations leaving people uplifted, with a worthwhile thought or story.

Not that chit-chat should be entired eschewed.  The story is told of the shul where the people resolved not to speak about the ordinary daily grind and they soon realized that without their light shmoozing they no longer knew whose cow had died and needed a replacement, who needed a shidduch, a job etc. So there is good reason to network and to discuss what's going on with yourself and others (avoiding lashon hara, of course).  At the same time, we can make an effort to impart an inspiring story or an enlightening vort or thought.

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