Nov 25, 2009

Finding your passion

I find it fascinating to read about people and their passions.  Sometimes, the way they found their passion in life is very interesting too.  For example, there is a woman named Evelyn Hayes who has a passion for Kever Rochel. Her heart and soul are devoted to Eretz Yisrael, particularly to Kever Rochel.  She bought property right there, does fundraisers for Kever Rochel, writes poetry about it, etc. I wonder where this comes from! Who was she in a previous gilgul!

Former president Kim of South Korea asked Covey (of the 7 Habits), "Do you really believe the things you teach?"

Covey: I was taken aback by this question and sobered by it. After a short pause I said, "Yes, I do."

He then asked me, "How do you know you do?"

Covey: I answered, "I try to live by these teachings. I know I fall short, falter a lot, but I keep coming back to them. I believe in them and am inspired by them and I keep returning to them."

Kim said, "That's not good enough for me. Are you prepared to die for them?"

Kim went on to tell his story of many, many years of banishment, of being exiled, of being imprisoned, of several assasination attempts, pressure to cooperate, threats that he'd be killed if he didn't cooperate. He told them, "Then kill me, because if you kill me I'll only die once, but if I cooperate with you, I will die 100 times every day for the rest of my life."

Now THAT'S passion!

And reminds me of Chana and her seven sons. The enticements and the threats and the willingness to die for their beliefs.

What are we willing to die for?
Does every person have a passion, whether they know about it or not?
How do you find your passion or calling?
How can you help others, like children, find their passion?

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