Nov 11, 2009


Our most important asset, said a lecturer, is our power of influence.  Whether we intend it or not, we are always influencing those around us, for better or  ...

When you enter the room, you bring an energy.  What kind of energy do you bring -an uplifting mood? a tension?

There are people who walk into a room and make people smile just because they're there.  When others walk in, people shift uncomfortably in their seats.  Some people's influence is more subtle and you may not even remember whether they were there or not, but their presence made a difference.

When you walk down the street, like it or not, your appearance influences others.  How you dress, how you comport yourself.  Saying, "mind your own business" or "it's your choice whether you look or not" are bogus lines because unless you are invisible, you have an influence on others!

What would I have thought if I had been presented with this idea when a teenager: Why do you dress as you do? What sort of message are you trying to convey? Who are you trying to influence?

Powerful questions to ask ourselves even now, as adults.

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