Nov 11, 2009

Parnassa Boosters and Detractors

This is a list of 20 factors affecting parnassa compiled from "Sefer HaMidos" by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev:

1. Lack of trust in Hashem vs. Trust in Hashem

2. Cruel to others vs. Compassionate

3. Lewdness vs. Shmiras HaBris

4. Alcohol vs. Spiritual Awareness

5. Disdain of Torah vs. Respect of Torah

6. Foul Speech vs. Clean speech

7. Desecrating the Shabbos vs. Honoring the Shabbos

8. Failing to repent for old sins vs. Teshuva

9. Sadness and depression vs. Happiness

10. Ingratitude, especially to Hashem vs. Gratitude and Prayer

11. Stinginess vs. Charity, especially a full tithe

12. Idol worship, blasphemy vs. Strengthening faith in Hashem

13. Immodesty vs. Modesty

14. Anger vs. Patience

15. Judging others severely vs. Judging others fairly

16. Dishonesty vs. Integrity

17. Arrogance vs. Humility

18. Infidelity vs. Honoring one's wife

19. Domestic strife vs. Peace in the home

20. Instigating hate vs. Making peace between people

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