Jan 18, 2015

Spooky and Sad

Someone told me that her extended family is shocked upon hearing that their cousin is very sick.  She had kept it a secret even from her own parents.

One Shabbos, the mother had a dream that her daughter was sick.  After Shabbos, she called her daughter's house and asked to speak to her.  She was told that her daughter was at the doctor.

This prompted the mother to call Memorial Sloane Kettering and ask to speak with her daughter.  She was given her daughter's room number.  Sadly, her dream was reality.

It's definitely spooky but I assume that the mother had her suspicions before the dream.  The dream reflected what was on her mind, whether consciously or unconsciously.  So I think that rather than the dream being a message from Beyond; it was an expression of her concerns which were based on things she had seen and heard.

Regardless, חיה גיטל בת שרה גולדה needs a refuah shleima.

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