Jan 25, 2015

Al Taam V'Rayach ...

We say there's no accounting for taste or, in the Hebrew version, "על טעם וריח אין להתוכך." I tried a store bought cookie from one of those packaged, plastic containers and thought it was less than mediocre, really sub-par, and I wondered how did this company manage to make such a lousy chocolate chip cookie? They didn't even look good.
A few hours later, I was present when one kid took one of these cookie and said, yum, these cookies are soooo good.  I found that astonishing enough but then another kid echoed the same sentiment!
Maybe they have never tasted good (never mind excellent) chocolate chip cookies before and this is all they know? Or maybe to each his own.


  1. Kids think junk food is good. In general, children might pass up something valuable for trinkets so it does not surprise me that they like mediocre cookies.

  2. Being able to differentiate between trinkets and valuables seems different than having an opinion about what tastes good or not.