Jan 31, 2015

And Emuna - Faith Too

continued from previous post
There is one other theme, that of Emuna - Faith, which is enormously popular now too.  So why didn't I write that there are three themes, rather than two? Because I think that the hashgacha pratis theme and the emuna theme overlap, although of course, they are two different concepts.
R' Lazer Brody's translation of R' Shalom Arush's Garden of Emuna is enormously popular with over 1.5 million copies sold.  There is even a "universal" edition which is non-denominational. 
More recently, R' David Ashear's emuna messages have become very popular.  I wrote about his 4 minute shiurim and emails here and there is also his book and R' Yechiel Spero's book.
And for a number of posts on emuna-faith, see here

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