Jan 17, 2015

I'm Sensitive

What does it mean when someone thinks of themselves as being sensitive? A 4th grader did something for which her teacher had to reprimand her.  The child began to cry and the teacher asked her why.  The child said, "I'm sensitive ..."
The experienced teacher realized this was not something the girl had come up with on her own.  No doubt she had heard it from her mother.  She asked the girl, "Are you only sensitive about yourself, or are you also sensitive to other people's feelings? By doing what you did, you hurt my feelings."
The teacher later called the parent who said yes, she was not careful when she spoke about her daughter not to speak in her presence and her daughter heard her describe her as sensitive.
In fact, the definition of "sensitive" is both 1) being aware and responsive to the feelings of others and 2) feeling easily pained. 
Since Ahavas Yisrael entails treating others as we would want to be treated, if we're sensitive, it should work both ways.

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