Dec 23, 2009

Successful "In-Reach"

I spoke to someone who saw a problem, thought creatively about how to fix it, and who followed through and took action. 

She observed that in the homes they visited on Shabbos, people with yeshiva background were unaware of certain laws of Shabbos, particularly those concerning heating food.

She organized an event by approaching the kosher restaurants in their area, 95% of whom donated platters of food which was a tremendous draw, by sending out 1500 invitations, and by carefully selecting a speaker that would draw a crowd.

She got 100-200 people (wish I knew more precisely), and raised $6000 for needy brides along the way. The audience learned hilchos Shabbos, had a great social event, had terrific food, and gave tzedaka.\

Pretty amazing.

Has anybody participated in or heard of any creative, successful events that were geared for frum people to raise halachic consciousness on any other subject? Do you have ideas of your own?

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  1. I wish there were more options available in terms of shiurim that cater to young mothers. I personally don't find it easy to attend many things. It could be ME or MY schedule, but I don't think it's totally so.

    I guess if I want it badly enough I'll make it happen.