Dec 25, 2009

Following G-d's Rules is Sane!

I heard someone use this line:

"It's crazy to be observant in today's world."

He's a frum person who wanted to point out what a challenge it is to be frum today, that there's a big nisayon to veer away etc.

The person who said it meant that living as we do as Torah-abiding Jews, strictly adhering to the minutiae of the laws, while living in a world where anything goes as long as you don't hurt anybody else, is bizarre.  And the enticements of today's world are far more attractive than say, the enticements of the Middle Ages.  The non-Jewish world didn't have much to offer at that time though even then some Jews opted out which meant shmad and the honor and money the Church gave them.

I just wonder whether his line is a good attitude for parents/educators to have, and whether the right attitude to convey to our children/students is: WE are sane. The WORLD is crazy! Following G-d's Rules is sane. Doing your own thing is NUTS!

What do you think? Come on readers out there - post your thoughts!


  1. Yesterday I volunteered to take a special needs woman for a walk in the mall. Being that it was Dec 24, I had to find a mall that still had parking space available. There was one nearby but in a bad neighborhood. The family of the woman agreed that I could take her to that mall because there was a police station there but we were the only Jewish people there.
    Most people were shopping or having gifts wrapped. The food court had lines of people. The clothing selections were not appropriate to wear to religious services (of any religion) and some of the gifts were not the spiritually uplifting type at all (very unclean reading material).
    I realize that there are those celebrating their holiday today (12/25) who pray, give charity, and do kind acts for others today; but there are others for whom it is a day of empty materialism. Tomorrow the emptiness will really hit. The gifts will be opened, the thrill will be gone, and life will be back to the old grind. Next Friday will be football and shopping but everyone will be on the same spiritual level as before, only lower.
    Contrast that to our Shabbos and holidays. We are on a higher level than before and have elevated ourselves spiritually. I probably appreciate the tomatoes that my husband bought today in honor of Shabbos more than some women appreciated the diamond necklaces that their husbands gave them today for their holiday.

  2. You're absolutely right. I'm still doing teshuva (and I mean that in utter seriousness) for a one-line remark I made over four years ago along the it's crazy line.

  3. Chazal say, "Ein adam oiver aveirah ela im kein nichnas bo ru'ach shtus." I think that pointedly addresses the matter you raise.