Dec 8, 2009

Message from Lakewood Mashgiach: Prepare to Greet Moshiach!

For those who didn't get to read it or hear about it - There was a crowd estimated at 8000 people at a Hachnosas Sefer Torah in Lakewood which included nearly all the talmidim and members of the community. At the seudas mitzva, the mashgiach, Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon publicly thanked Hashem for the great progress his wife made since her heart attack in the summer and then went on to say:

"One evening, when my rebbetzin was in the hospital, I dozed off as I sat by her bedside.  I am not one who dreams or remembers dreams but I had the most vivid vision of the rosh yeshiva (and founder of the Lakewood yeshiva), Rabbi Aharon Kotler.  He looked exactly as he did when I saw him when I was a bochur in Gateshead" (R' Salomon saw R' Kotler one time when he said a shiur in Gateshead).

"He looked right at me and pointed his finger towards me, 'You ... if you accept upon yourself to remain in Lakewood as mashgiach until Moshiach's arrival, then your rebbetzin will be cured and together with her you will welcome Moshiach.'"

Then Rabbi Salomon said, "Rabosai! He said until Moshiach comes, and I am not a young man anymore.  Let's be prepared!"


  1. Moshiach must be coming. My son in Germany said that 3 babies had brissin in shul this morning. In Israel that would not be so phenomenal nor in Brooklyn or Lakewood but today in Germany that is miraculous.

  2. love this story. saw it somewhere else. ;)