Aug 25, 2014

Where are my Glasses?

I woke up this morning and felt for my glasses on the night table in the usual spot.  They weren't there.  I felt around on the floor in case they fell.  They weren't there.  Did they fall under the bed? No.  Did they fall into a bag near the bed? No.  Where are they?

At some point, as I looked at the clock on the night table, I realized ......... I had never taken out my contact lenses the night before! I had slept in them but was focused on looking for my glasses since that is what I always do. 

It's astonishing to me that something that I do every single night, i.e. take our my lenses, wasn't even a thought last night.  Nor did I notice that I hadn't taken off my glasses.  And it took me quite some time to realize I was wearing the lenses.  What does that say about supposed engrained habits?

Is there a nimshal here? Something about our thinking we can't see (we don't understand, we don't know what to do) and because we think we can't see, we act accordingly (confused, unsure, do the wrong things).  But we really can see.  It takes awareness to know this.  "Ata chonein l'adam daas."

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