Aug 31, 2014

Timing is Everything

I found out yesterday that someone I know is sitting shiva.  I looked on the Misaskim page today and saw that she gets up from shiva tomorrow.  So today is the only day to be menachem avel.  But it's hot and humid and it's not pleasant walking in this heat.  Should I go now when it's not as hot or wait until later when it's even hotter but I could combine it with something else?

I called a neighbor to ask if she knows about the shiva and would be interested in going.  She was in a rush because she and another person were about to go be menachem avel these very same people, did I want a ride? Yes! When she confirmed the address with me, it turned out she had the wrong address.  I provided the correct one.  So I got a ride and they got to go to the right address and she provided a ride (air conditioned) back home and boruch Hashem, a mitzva was done by the three of us.

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