Aug 10, 2014

Old News

It can be edifying to read old news.  I was reading an old issue of Ami in which Dichter, the former Shin Bet director was interviewed by the editor about the search for the three kidnapped boys.  He was asked whether he has reason to hope the boys are alive.

Dichter's response was, when you're trying to get the kids back, the assumption is that they are alive.  He said nobody is allowed to think differently unless he has detailed and accurate information and "that's why I think everyone from the prime minister, etc. and the people in the field all have to work under the assumption that the three kids are alive.  As long as we don't have any contrary information, those kids are alive."

And yet it turns out that those in the know knew almost immediately, that the boys were murdered. 

I was told a story about a woman in Ashkelon who reported hearing voices and was put on psychiatric medication for two years.  Then the tunnels were discovered and her claim of hearing voices was justified.

Problem with this story is, there are no tunnels to Ashkelon, it's too far from Gaza.  So perhaps the story is true but the location is wrong.  But the story sounds peculiar anyway.  Couldn't the woman have other people hear the voices when she heard them?

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