Nov 27, 2016

This is Not a Love Story

I know the author is controversial for her previous book and her life decisions and I'm not going to address that here.  I read this book and thought it would be about the author's story of leaving the way she was raised.  It turned out not to be about that at all.  The book is about her autistic brother.  She tells the story through the eyes of a child and I really enjoyed that.  I could relate to so much of what she described and the descriptions of the life of a frum elementary school girl in New York is true to life.
Her mother, an Israeli from a prestigious Rebbishe family (the book does not say which), does not want to give up on her non-verbal wild son.  However, he makes no progress in New York and she ends up sending him to live with her family in Israel (who are extraordinary people for having him) and visiting him regularly.  In a program there, he makes great progress. 
In googling around I learned that the author's mother is the famous Ruth Lichtenstein, who started Hamodia here in the US, and who is a great-granddaughter of the Imrei Emes of Ger, granddaughter of Rabbi Itche Meir Levin, the leader of Agudath Israel in prewar Europe and later in Eretz Yisrael. She is the daughter of Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Levin, founding editor of the Hebrew-language Hamodia.  She published Witness to History, a textbook that is part of her Project Witness, a Holocaust resource center.  She is a most impressive woman, not only for her public accomplishments, but for her determination in reaching her son.


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