Nov 26, 2016

And Another Moshiach Fantasy

Another Moshiach fantasy I have (see here for the first one) is that all Jews will have a glowing yud on their foreheads and all Amalekites will have a black ayin.  Lots of people with that yud will be surprised, sad to say, since so many Jews do not know they are Jews.  This could be because they were never told and had no reason to think so, because they were raised by non-Jews, because they did not know that having a Jewish maternal great-grandmother, grandmother, mother makes them Jewish.
A smaller group of people, those who thought they were Jewish but aren't, and who won't have a yud, will be surprised too.
The precedent for my Moshiach fantasy is Bereishis 4:15 where Hashem engraves a letter of His name on Kayin's forehead.  But I think this idea came to me from the Lights video here that I first saw 23 years ago on Chanuka.  It tells the Chanuka story and uses flying, golden letters of the alef-beis to represent Torah-true Judaism and Greek letters that drop with a clang to represent the Hellenist philosophy.
Identity, who we are, who we belong to.  That's the first step.  Once we know who we are, then we find out what we need to do.


  1. Your wish, " and all Amalekites will have a black ayin", makes no real sense if you think about it because the evil in the world will be eradicated, most especially Amalek. By this Purim, or better sooner than that, may it come to pass!

  2. How do you think the evil will be eradicated? How about through our fulfilling one of the 613 mitzvos we cannot do today which is annihilating Amalek? And how will we know who belongs to Amalek? Maybe a black ayin will help ...