May 1, 2016

Post-Pesach Gratitude

A continuation of this :

I am grateful that this Pesach turned out so enjoyable with nary a glitch.

I am grateful that we had mostly good weather with some beautiful days, some nice days, pleasant temperatures, minimal rain.

I am grateful the gym was open on Chol Ha'Moed and that I went.
I am grateful that the Yom Tov was relaxing, not pressured.
I am grateful that my neighbor does an end-of-Pesach ne'ilas ha'chag - seudas Moshiach for a beautiful end to Yom Tov.
I am grateful that we are almost finished putting the house back together again after dismantling our Pesach set-up.

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  1. grateful that we arrived home safely after Pesach and grateful to still have a few dollars left