Apr 19, 2016

Pesach: I am Grateful for ...

The following is based on an article by SC Radcliffe with some of her ideas and some of mine as applied to Pesach.  Feel free to adjust the list to reflect your circumstances and add yours in the Comments.
 I am grateful for the opportunity to do mitzvos.
I am grateful for having people to make Pesach for.
I am grateful for the numerous shiurim about Pesach available online.

I am grateful for all the reading material about Pesach.
I am grateful that I have a home that I need to make ready for Pesach.

I am grateful for cleaning help.
I am grateful for the help I get shopping, setting up before Pesach, and dismantling after Pesach.

I am grateful that we've done this before and have our routine in setting up for Pesach so we are not first figuring it out.
I am grateful we are healthy enough to make our own Pesach.
I am grateful to be Jewish and to have this Yom Tov.
I am grateful to be alive, safe, and free to make Pesach.
I am grateful about how it fell out, i.e. the days of the week.
I am grateful that we have guests.
I am grateful that I have siblings and that we siblings live near one another and get to see one another over Pesach.

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  1. I am grateful to be spending the Yom Tov with my daughter and her family and my son and his.