May 29, 2016

Societal Realities

In a recent Family First article about kids at risk and grandparents, it says, "... Grandparents may feel entitled to an opinion; after all, their children didn't go off [the derech]! This thinking is flawed, rejoins the younger generation, because the absence of 1970s children-in-crisis probably had more to do with societal realities than exemplary parenting."

Case dismissed.

No explanation about what "societal realities" are being referred to.

No hard data to back up the statement.

Do the "societal realities" include the fact that babies weren't sent out to babysitters? That most mothers were home to send their children off to school and greet them when they came home and that most either worked part time or not at all?

Are there "societal realities" of the 1970's that we can reclaim in this decade?

I'd like an article on that subject.

1 comment:

  1. Reality #1)skyrocketing rents
    #2)skyrocketing tuition
    #3)skyrocketing materialism
    #4)skyrocketing social media involvement
    #5)great leaders have passed away
    #6)religion has been taught as an academic subject with exams and pressure
    #7)religion is not taught as much in the home but rather in schools, camps, and seminaries
    #8)inflexibility in the community when it comes to accepting those who don't fit the mold
    #9)allowing abuse to occur, continue, and fester
    #10)punishing children for not keeping chumrahs
    the list could go on further but some communities could be now considered modern Orthodox where 20 years ago they were chereidi.