Feb 28, 2016

Message from Zlata Press

Long ago, I read in the now defunct Horizons magazine, an article called "Our Core Belief," by Zlata Press, principal of a girls high school. I no longer have the issue but here are some points I jotted down from it about what Mrs. Press called, "the single most powerful lesson I've ever given."
She says high school performance has zero value in predicting accomplishment and success in adult life.

Not only can weak students can become wonderful wives and mothers and/or rich businesswomen.
That of course, but more -
Weak students have flowered into successful performers in the academic world!

She asks, what accounts for the dramatic turnaround? She says, sometimes sheer will and hard work.
Often, taking four college or sem classes instead of ten a term in high school.
Some need time to mature.
Others need to develop work habits.
College offers promise of a successful adult career which is motivating.

For some, the change occurs when they enter high school.
For others, the senior year.
For many, years later.

What to do about those who are miserable now?
She says, parents ask us to push less, expect less, but experience says this is not a good idea.
And interpersonal strengths, talent are not adequate replacements (despite those who extol school performances for that reason).

She says: It is our challenge as mechanchim to create the environment that is most conducive to children learning, of realistic but challenging expectations.
In a follow-up article, the author adds that those who are good students need to know that an entire area of adult life – family and community – have nothing to do with academic success!

The 99 on the chemistry quiz won’t help you to be an understanding, flexible, wise wife or a patient, creative, and dedicated mother.

Lots of food for thought both for the academically successful high school student and the unsuccessful.

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  1. do you know what issue it was? I'd love to try and track down a copy of the article, if possible. I have a friend who used to be an editor for Horizons. she said if I can give her the issue # she can likely track it down. Thanks!