Feb 27, 2016

Is to Admire to Imitate?

Long ago, I jotted down this question.  Can you admire someone but not seek to be like them? Is that contradictory or can you say, I admire that, but it's not for me?

I initially thought that this is not contradictory.  That you can admire someone for something admirable they do or for an attitude they have, but not feel that this compels you to emulate them.  What they do is good for them, not necessarily for me.

I have thought that I live (or try to live) in consonance with what I believe is right, but I have come across the idea that living with integrity would mean that if I admire someone for some reason, if I think they are doing the right thing, then I would try to imitate them.  So it's time to rethink this.


  1. I used google translate for the 1st paragraph which is in Italian:

    Starting something must be with a prayer and a belief that we would have succeeded. The belief that lead us to act properly.