Jul 12, 2015

R' David Forhman's Animated Torah Videos

I've mentioned R' David Fohrman's lectures before in connection with Tisha B'Av here.  Now I'd like to tell you about his intriguing parsha animated videos and his website.

I first saw his parsha videos on Aish here.  I had watched many of them last year but occasionally ran into difficulties if the video, rather than being shown on Aish, was shown on his website https://www.alephbeta.org/.  On the website, you can only watch for a limited amount of time per month unless you subscribe.

So before Pesach this year, I subscribed and I've been keeping up with the parsha, whatever I missed from last year, and this year's, as well as holiday videos.  I paid $9 a month, a total of $90 and got a year's subscription. 

R' Fohrman looks for patterns in the Torah, parallels, and comes up with interesting theories based on a close reading of the text.  This is presented in cute, animation form.  I like the way he also shows the pesuskim that he is talking about so you can see the words in the text.  Give the free ones a try and see for yourself.

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