“My five-year-old son over there wants me to buy him a pair of those fake tefillin,” said the man. “I am not sure if having ‘play tefillin’ sends a good chinuch message. Somehow, I feel that to a child, tefillin should be a hallowed mitzvah that he will merit to fulfill when he becomes bar mitzvah and not used as a toy.”
Rabbi K. thought about it and agreed with the father.
“Okay. Thanks so much!” the father said, promptly returning to his son.
A few minutes later, Rabbi K. again heard someone behind him.
“Rabbi K., can I ask you another question?”
It was the same father.
“Sure,” Rabbi K. answered.
“My son really wants the tefillin. What should I tell him?” asked the father.
Rabbi K., looking directly at the father, said, “Tell him, ‘No.’”
The father looked at Rabbi K. startled. Then, as if a light bulb had gone off in his head, he responded, “Ohhh.” And he walked away."