Apr 1, 2015

Auspicious Times for Tefilla

There are various times during the Seder that are auspicious for tefilla:

1) Right before the Ma Nishtana, it says in the Haggada, "v'kan ha'ben sho'el" - and here, the child asks.  Or read it, "At this moment, the child - you, asks - requests.

2) After reciting how terrible it was in servitude to the Egyptians, the Haggada says, "Va'nitz'ak el Hashem ..." - and we cried out to Hashem. 

3) "Shefoch chamascha el ha'goyim ... " - Pour Your wrath on the nations ...
The Chida says that when we open the door it's an auspicious moment which reenacts the scene of Yaakov receiving the blessings from Yitzchok.  It's a time when we can receive blessings too.

4) The Chasam Sofer says, "Each person will see, after reciting the Haggada, how his speech will become clear, and he can request in his prayers whatever he desires.

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