Apr 5, 2015

Attitude Toward Chol Ha'Moed

Rabbi Bergstein (a Bobover Chassid who  lectures for Aish HaTorah, Discovery, Gateway and other organizations) points out:

If the Chol Ha'Moed trip is more exciting than the Pesach seder or sitting in the succa, it's a problem!

Speaking of chol ha'mo'ed and trips, many people are unaware that chol ha'moed must be treated as the holy time it is.  Yes, we can use the phone, our computers, and cars, but bigdei Yom Tov are a must.  If you can't wear bigdei Yom Tov while playing paintball, then ... paintball is not a chol ha'moed activity.  If you can't wear bigdei Yom Tov while riding the roller coaster or boating or skating, then those aren't chol ha'moed activities.

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