Mar 27, 2015

We Forget

“Who ever heard of such a thing? It is like one family’s Holocaust!” Indeed, one would be hard-pressed to find a calamity of such proportion in recent memory.
This is from an article in a frum newspaper.  My, how quickly we forget!
An even worse calamity than the Sassoons' took place on March 26, 2012, almost exactly two years before the Sassoon fire, when a freak electrical fire burned down the home of 34-year-old high-school teacher Avivit Shear of Rechovot, killing all 6 of her family members: husband Shai (36), Eliav (11), Evyatar (8), Amitai (7), Shira (3), and Itamar (2), leaving the wife-mother as the sole survivor. 
The investigation that followed found that a laptop computer had been placed on a bed's mattress, causing it to overheat and set the mattress on fire.  The burning mattress emitted great heat and a large amount of smoke and soot in a short time.
In the picture are some of her children. 
Two years later, she remarried.


  1. Other tragedies at this time of the year come to mind such as the fire ten years ago, on March 22, in Teaneck, when Philyss Seidenfeld lost four of her seven children (one of whom was adopted) and was seriously burned herself, and the tragedy in Williamsburg on Acharon shel Pesach when three children were killed, two brothers and a nephew.

  2. The fire that occurred several years ago that caused the deaths of several children was caused by a hot plate and that occurred on Sukkos while the parents were in the Sukkah and the kids were asleep upstairs. I know a Boro Park family who lost a child due to a fire that I think was related to Chanukah candles. The child passed away as a result of the fire but did not die immediately. He lingered for about a year.