Mar 26, 2015

On Being a Good Guest

The following is a direct quote from a very hospitable person who shared this fascinating observation about a special person:

When M. is around, if your kids misbehave ... she just pretends she doesn't see.
She acts as if she's very busy doing something and she doesn't notice.
She makes no comments and doesn't notice anything that doesn't involve her.
She doesn't even say, "Wow you handled that in an amazing way," because she didn't see anything, so she has nothing to comment on!
It's hard to have people around noticing things and making comments; trust me, I have lots of company and everyone has comments to make on something.
Except M.  She is of the "see no evil, hear no evil" type, and it's so comfortable to have her around.


  1. Please ignore previous comment. It was an error.
    I will try to emulate M at my next family gathering. I look forward to the challenge, however if I see a potentially dangerous situation with a toddler, I will definitely intervene!