Feb 17, 2014

You Don't Analyze Parents!

I was reading an interview of the daughter of R' Baruch Sorotzkin z'l about her father when a paragraph struck me.  The daughter was describing the parent-child relationship and said, "I could never utter a word that resembled 'no' to my father.  My parents commanded respect without saying anything.  It was the atmosphere in the house."

She said that along with the tremendous awe and respect there was also great love between parents and children.  However, this love manifested not in a palsy-walsy kind of way that many parents cultivate with their children nowadays.

Then the paragraph: "I remember once hearing someone I know claiming that she has a certain problem because of something having to do with the way her mother raised her.  I was taken aback.  Analyzing your mother? You're upset because your parents didn't do something right? In our upbringing, this was unheard of.  I once mentioned to my aunt that I think I have a certain midda from my mother.  My aunt responded with mussar, telling me, 'You don't analyze parents!'"

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