Feb 28, 2014

Two Points for Being Consistent

Re this post: does-it-work-both-ways and this one: east-and-west , it's not often that I come across someone who is consistent in their parenting outlook.  Author Yael Mermelstein writes that she went to a shiur where the lecturer told the following story:

"Her friend had gone to a rav, bitterly bemoaning the sense of deep failure and disappointment that she felt as her son was no longer keeping Torah and mitzvos. 

"The rav asked her, 'How many other children do you have?'

"She answered, 'I have eight others.'

"And how are they doing?' asked the rav.

"The woman looked at him proudly and said, 'Boruch Hashem, they are all very matzliach (successful).'

"The rav shook his head slowly and then said, 'Your son is no longer walking the derech ha'yashar (straight path) - that is not due to you, just as the hatzlacha the other eight are experiencing is not due to you either.'"

I wonder how this rav defines the term "nachas."

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