Feb 24, 2014

"Eat, Move, Sleep"


I liked this book, Eat, Move, Sleep  - Why Small Choices Make a Big Difference.  In an easy to read format, the author presents research on what and how we should eat, the importance of exercise, and the significance of plenty of sleep.  Each chapter presents a different angle of these three areas and ends with a brief summary of the points that were made.

It can be gratifying to read about the many things you are doing right.  More importantly, it would be great if you picked up a few ideas that you would be willing to incorporate in your daily routine to improve your health. 

Although some reviewers complain that the author is not saying anything new, I found a mix of new and not-new ideas and liked the presentation enough that it didn't bother me.  Another complaint is the source for some of his recommendations.  He has a website where anyone can read the research and decide for themselves. 

These complaints seem picayune to me.  Take what is worthwhile to you, and move on. 

The main thing I took from the book is the importance of moving around, that even if you do regular exercise throughout the week, sitting for hours on end is no good.  Get up and move!

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