Jun 21, 2013


  1. According to the info. in the quote from the article here, the money is being cut davka from Chareidim:

    "When funding to chareidi schools, but not national religious schools, is cut 25%, even before consideration of the core curriculum, or stipends for foreign students in chareidi yeshiva gedolos are slashed, but not stipends for foreign students in national religious yeshivos, chareidim feel themselves under siege. Similarly, when crucial social benefits – such as subsidized pre-school and kindergarten education – are contingent on both parents working (and no one learning in kollel), chareidim sense a frontal attack on the viability of kollel learning."

    I wonder how appropriate mentioning the state of shmutz would be in frum press. Frum press tends to leave such "news reports" out, rightly so, I believe.

    About stopping abortion, there is an excellent organisation that fights it: Efrat.

    On protesting parts of the chiloni lifestyle or the things that the chilonim think should be legal, I think there is an understandable sentiment in the frum/charedi community that they're on the defensive, that they don't want to give or intensify the impression that they're engaging in "religious coercion", and so their safest option is to look after their own community.

    In general, the Lubavitcher Rebbe seemed to advocate fighting these things indirectly by increasing in mivtzo'im--encouraging Jews to do more Mitzvos.

  2. I think that for the most part, people cry out for the injustices against themselves or the group that they belong to. For example, the clothing sold in discount stores is often made in poor countries that abuse the lowly workers. Our purchase of such clothing furthers the demand for cheap clothing made possible by cheap labor. Knowing this however, does not stop us from buying it. Most of us don't champion the cause of such workers or make sure that our purchases don't come from those sources. We will, however, fight for our own rights to fair wages or decent working conditions.
    This may be why we don't get too involved in situations that don't directly impact our world or interfere with our lives. By the same token, we don't always feel that it is necessary to send donations to yeshivas that we have no connections to either.

  3. Hence my point - the "Torah'dik character of Israel" is not the concern. I'd like the articles in the frum publications to make that clear.