Jun 4, 2013

Let's Take Care of our Own!

So I see the headline, "Ten Year Old Palestinian Boy Saved by Israeli Doctors, Jewish Kidney Donor" and I'm disgusted.  Both by the fact that Israeli doctors treat our enemies (including those who attempt to kill us), and by the fact that a Jewish body was desecrated to achieve this.

It doesn't help that earlier this week there was a news item which stated, "PA President Mahmoud Abbas has made the resumption of peace talks with Israel conditional on the release of roughly 120 “heavy-duty” murderers."

A typical news item of this kinds states:

A Hizbullah guerilla who was moderately wounded in battle early Sunday morning was airlifted to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

Dr. Daniel Shani, executive director of the hospital in Nahariya, said the guerilla arrived in good condition. "He was brought to us by ambulance at around 5:30 a.m., and his condition was, generally speaking, good. He had an open wound in his right soldier," and other shrapnel wounds elsewhere on his body.

With regards to the type of treatment he was receiving, Dr. Shani insisted that it was no different than that of the average Israeli patient. "The ethnicity of the wounded is not important," he said.

Oh really? Rather than being the "am chacham v'navon" (the wise and discerning nation), we make fools of ourselves and put ourselves in danger, solely to garner praise and admiration from our enemies which are not forthcoming anyway.  Let the Arabs take care of their own people in their own hospitals with their own doctors!

There shouldn't be the slightest chance of a Jew being put in danger in order to help our sworn enemies!

"He who has compassion when he should be cruel, will be cruel when he should have compassion"!

As one person put it, "I'm waiting to see the headline: Arab doctor treats Jewish boy." Who is guaranteeing that this child won't grow up as brainwashed as the rest of them and seek to harm those who saved his life?



  1. Personally, I hope that no Jewish boy ever needs an Arab doctor. I also cringe when I see that Jewish federations in large cities pour lots of money into disaster relief of non-Jews but don't want to give much to Jewish education. Sometimes, it puts us in a good light such as when Chabad, Agristar, and other frum organizations, donated food, clothing, and cell phones to Oklahoma tornado victims or the Israeli team of doctors who set up a field hospital in Haiti after the earthquake. It shows that we Jews are not oblivious to the plight of others who are suffering. While it may be improper for a Jew to donate a bodily organ to a non-Jew, we expect to receive organs from non-Jews if we chas v'sholem need them. There have been stories told of grateful non-Jews who later helped Jews because Jews had helped them.
    At the same time, I leave it to the non-Jews to donate money and time to the cancer society, political parties, the zoo, museums, universities, etc because there is so much need in the frum world for those funds and fund-raising.

  2. There is a concept of preventing eivah--doing things that will evoke the animosity of goyim. Refusing to treat a non-Jew, even from a hostile nation, would seem to qualify for that. (However, if he was actually involved in a terror act then he is a rodef, and instead of treating him, they should shoot him on the spot, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe said about captured terrorists in general.)

    However, turning it into a headline and a matter of principle that we do everything not to discriminate whatsoever between Jews and an enemy nation smacks of the Xtian "turn the other cheek" concept, which is thoroughly goyish.