Jul 25, 2011

Is Our Picking and Choosing Valid?

I am going to differentiate between the murders of the Fogel family and other terrorist attacks such as in the Chabad house in Bombay, and the murder of Leiby Kletzky which was done, sad to say, by a Jew. My question is, why aren't we even more shaken up by the legalized daily murder of Jews by Jews via abortion in Israel? According to the information I looked up, over 50,000 abortions are done yearly in Israel! In addition, there are, tragically, numerous Jews in jail in Israel for murder.

I understand that what shook people up with Leiby Kletzky is the fact that a child was supposed to meet his mother and instead, he trusted a Jewish man who took his life. This is indeed terrifying, but it seems to me that we, the frum community worldwide, pick and choose what constitutes a tragedy and what should be made a "big deal" of. Where is the outrage about the daily legalized murder of Jews in Eretz Yisrael? Where are the divrei chizuk and kinusim? Why are there numerous articles offering perspective and lessons to be learned about the Kletzky murder while other murders don't even register on our collective consciousness? Do some Jews count more than others? Do frum Jews care more if it's one of their own that is killed and is that right?


  1. There are organizations that try to offer alternatives to abortion in Eretz Yisroel that do even more to promote birth than we have in America. The Leiby Kletzky tragedy is compounded because some groups did not feel the necessity to teach parents, children, and teens how to stay safe and keep children safe. They felt that the problem with people who molest children should be swept under the carpet. Even though there were not signs of rape on Leiby's mutilated body, what happened to him is still considered by experts to be pedophilia.

  2. Since Levi Aron has no criminal record, and nobody has come forward to say he molested them, and the medical examiner said nothing about evidence of sexual abuse, it seems to me that those people who want to promote their agendas (i.e. blame the community, the rabbis, etc) are exploiting this story for their own (often sincere) ends.

    Even if all known sex offenders in the Jewish community were behind bars, it would have nothing to do with Leiby asking someone for help who betrayed his trust and killed him. It is illogical to think otherwise though it makes for great, emotional articles, comments and speeches.