Jan 14, 2011

Which Mitzvos Do You Love to Do?

It's an interesting question to think about: Which mitzvos do you love to do? Which mitzvos do you look forward to doing?

I would hope that those who devote themselves to Torah study would say they love learning Torah!

I am sure that many, if not most, people would refer to some holiday or Shabbos as something they look forward to.

My answers are: keeping Shabbos, learning and teaching Torah, sitting in the succa, giving tzedaka to worthy causes ...


  1. I guess that I would say that I liked certain aspects of everything except aveilus.

  2. It's usually the mitzvos I have a delayed reaction to that I appreciate doing the most. The kind of mitzva I don't actually enjoy doing at the time but feel good about having done after the fact.

  3. I would say that I actually love the taste of shmura matzah and really look forward to eating it.