Jan 9, 2011

From the Heart

Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin received a letter from a bachur in Monsey who wrote to him that he attends a yeshiva for boys who have difficulties learning.  The bachur said he thought of what he could give to help SM.  He doesn't have money to offer and as for chizuk, well, he gets that from SM! So instead, he and the other boys in this yeshiva pledged 10,000 daf Gemara in his merit and they learned 3000 already!

Rather extraordinary and made all the more so when the bachur explained how learning is difficult for them!

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  1. from his prison cell, SMR has the ability to reach many Jews by writing to them and encouraging them. Although he is officially the shaliach of Souix City South Dakota, his shlichus now is in reaching out to all who write to him.