Oct 22, 2010

Wisdom of Our Fathers

I am reading a heartwarming book called Wisdom of Our Fathers - lessons and letters from daughters and sons by Tim Russert.

The author had written a best-selling book about his father and received thousands of responses from people who wanted to tell him about their own fathers, most of whom were people you've never heard of, ordinary people, but who in their special way made a profound positive difference in their children's lives.  The book I'm reading now is a compilation of these letters.  It's really special!

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  1. It is even more special when something that parents do that is good hits print. We read so much about abusive, selfish, and neglectful parents but hardly anything about loving, kind and selfless parents.
    You find the best books! The only book that I have purchased recently was called Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes and I shipped it to a 2 year old grandchild for her birthday. It is a good book since the adult that reads it has to like it too.