Oct 20, 2010

How do they know?

I've read and heard statements like:

Sholom, Jonathan, and Gilad are in jail for our sins, not for theirs.

They are our korbon.

and I wonder, how do the people who say this know this? What's their source?

If G-d didn't personally tell them, by what right do they make these pronouncements?


  1. never heard that but it sounds kinda yoshkaish to me.

  2. But that concept, of someone suffering for our sins, is OURS. Yet another idea that they took from us. Check out Yeshaya 53:4 ".. it was our ills that he bore, and our pains that he carried ... because of our rebellious sins" referring to Moshiach.

    We say that the death of tzaddikim atones.

    (As for my "voice" sounding familiar, perhaps from another gilgal...)

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  4. gilgul?!
    Ohhhhhhhh yes, it IS you!

    nice to be in touch again ;)

    (removed previous post b/c of spelling error)

  5. my spelling error too: gilgul (not gilgal)

    (The word is sounding stranger and stranger the more I use it ... you know - when you repeat any word many times)

  6. It always was an funny word to begin with.
    Does my "voice" sound familiar to you too?

    (and now we are well and truly off topic)

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