Oct 26, 2010

New Terminology

These are terms that we did not use thirty years ago, even twenty:

take it to the next level

paradigm shift


get in touch with

tap into

breaking the cycle

get with the program

give someone space

open lines of communication

to be on the same page

issues ("he has issues" instead of saying "problems")


self esteem

at the end of the day

let's not go there

I'm good (for I'm all right, doing fine)

be proactive

bottom line (as in the final result)

freak out


get over it

get a life

good to go

my bad

in your face

like (I was like, so happy)

chill (relax)

wicked (excellent)


hot (not in the sense of temperature)

24/7 (exaggerated way to refer to all the time)

he's the man

I googled it.

to put it out there

These aren't new but are used over and over and over ...

spiral downward or downward spiral

vicious circle/cycle (even when the thing they are talking about is not a circle or cycle)

Got any to add to either category? Any observations about these new ways of expressing oneself?


  1. there is a frequently used expression used recently: "it is what it is" meaning adjust to the reality.
    There is also the term, Tweet, which is the act of twittering someone and of course scroll down, download, upgrade your status, or any other facebook related terminology also known by the new term, social networking.
    I am known as a baby boomer which did exist years ago but is more in use as a term today.

  2. I don't use facebook and yet I scroll down and download, and you can change and update your status just with an email account, but yes, these words sometimes crossover into non-computer related talk.

    I find myself yearning for a Search feature when I'm leafing through a book or article, trying to find something. It's such a useful option when using the computer. In case whoever is reading this is unfamiliar, press Control and the letter F and a box will open in which you can put the word you are looking for.

  3. abbreviations are making their way into everyday language. When someone says something mildly funny or something mildly funny happens my teenager SAYS "Lol" ..as a word!

    She told me another one today, she said something about girls who are "fomo"
    "feelings of misssing out".

    I'm hoping this is just a passing teenage phase